Friday, January 27, 2012


The votes are in .... and EVERYONE'S a winner. More or less. Cat owners know all about that. Our judges have spent hours going through the entries and decided to give a special "category" for every cat. And after more than a few heated discussions, the judges were able to pin down our top choices ... they even liked our People's Choice Award! Thank you to everyone who entered their wonderful felines in our photo contest. And now, without further ado, THE WINNERS:

Best in Show
Lady Tula
Tula lives with Stephen and Claudia

Second Place
Junior lives with AJ

Third Place
Macabee lives with Janice and Joe

People’s Choice Award
Brinkley lives with Jim and Ina

and The Furry Love Winners
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Mojo -Mozart Award
Mojo lives with Charlotte

Ginger - Phoenix Rising Award
Ginger lives with Mary

Hankie – Vanity Fair Award
Hankie lives with Charlotte

Gypsy – Teenage Dream Award
Gypsy lives with Jaquie

Tosca – Sleeping Beauty Award
Tosca lives with Jaye

Dulce de Leche – Best In Sink Award
Dulce De Leche lives with Jane and Bob

Ambrocious – Most Companionable Award
Ambrocious lives with Sophia

Tiger – Best Impressionist Award
Tiger lives with Kim

Jimmie – Class Clown Award
Jimmie lives with Paula and Neal

Misha – Contortionist Award
Misha lives with Janice and Joe

Jasmine – Best Stand-Up Routine
Jasmine lives with Lisa

Metta – Best Blackbeard Routine
Metta lives with Lorraine

Kali and Milo – Most Dependable Award
Kali and Milo were Inge’s foster kitties

Harry and Chester – Cosmetology Award
Harry and Chester live with Ellen

Sophie and George – The Yin-Yang Award
Sophie and George live with Jane

George – Best Dog Impression Award
George lives with Jane

Jayne – Best Narcolepsy Award
Jayne lives with Jenna

Zoey – Best Traveler Award
Zoey lives with Jenna

Edie – Most Down to Earth Award
Edie lives with Andrea

Everett – The Groucho Award for Best Mustache
Everett lives with Julie

Amon – Best Grin Award
Amon lives with Inge

O’Keeffe and Alfred – Most Loving Embrace Award
O’Keefee and Alfred live with Jane

Margo Mangrove Sailcat – Best Centerfold Award
Margo lives with Adrienne

Mudita – Most Romantic Award
Mudita lives with Lorraine

Caddie – The Razz Award
Caddie lives with Charlotte

Lucky – Most Helpful Award
Lucky lives with Adrianna

Smudge – Most Balanced Award
Smudge lives with Jeanne

Carmel – Best Glamour Shot
Carmel lives with Kristi

Monster – Grooviest Award
Monster lives with Lyndi

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi everyone! Make sure to cast your vote for People's Choice by commenting on the photo or by sending an email to! Thanks to everyone for such wonderful photos and heartwarming stories. What was that saying? Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dulce de Leche

Meet Dulce de Leche, who has lived with Jane and Bob since July 2004.

“I was rescued from the acequia near a Buddhist retreat, a terrified white kitten with orange-tabby points. My ancestry includes Siamese temple princesses and a marauding barn cat. Eight years later, true to my heritage, I have bright blue eyes, caramel markings and a noisy meow. Also, I love napping in sinks and drinking from faucets.”


Meet Monster. He lives with Lyndi.

“I rescued Monster when I was living in Denver from a woman who was going to take him and his brother to the shelter. I couldn't resist that little face, and just knew he was going to fit right in with my other rescue, Daisy, from the Denver Dumb Friends League. We didn't name him right away, and I tried out all the typical ‘white cat’ names such as Snowball and Marshmallow. But we discovered very quickly that he was a little ‘monster!’ He got into everything, including cabinets, drawers and bags, and climbed on top of the fridge, counter tops and everything. He was super naughty, but oh so silly – so the name Monster fit him perfectly! He continues to be a naughty little guy, but as the sun sets, he is also my cuddle bear. Oh how I love him so!”


Meet Caddie. She lives with Charlotte.

“Caddie (-waddie) was adopted from the old Shelter on Cerrillos Road about
six years ago. She started out as a foster, having been in a cage at the
Shelter for some six or seven months, but soon found her way into
permanent status in my household. She's a beautiful green-eyed calico. Of
all my cats, she is the only one who can sit and watch the cat-sitter videos
for hours on end. Caddie is about 17 years old now and is slowing down,
but still maintains her status as the matriarch – being toothless doesn't
have any effect. Here, she is expressing her opinion of her newest
housemate, Sasha, my fifth feline in the house (and final one for
a while). Caddie was not pleased by Sasha's arrival, and they had plenty of
tousles as evidenced by the cut on Caddie's face here, but finally time
and Feliway sorted it all out!”


Meet Mojo. He lives with Charlotte.

“Mojo is a purebred black Bengal, who was originally from a breeder in California, and then adopted through Santa Fe Cats. As with all Bengals, he has personality traits that are unlike my other 'ordinary' cats. He's sleek, incredibly athletic, and would rather be on top of the highest object in a room (whether he fits or not). He seems particularly drawn to the piano and likes nothing better than to 'help' me practice, walking up and down the keys then finally settling in as you see here. Mojo is about 7 years old. After many years of trying unsuccessfully to identify and solve his intestinal difficulties, I've finally found that he can really only eat rabbit. Which means the other four cats also only eat rabbit. It's expensive but cheaper than veterinary bills and he is thriving on this diet, as are all my others.”


Meet Hankie. He lives with Charlotte.

“Hankie is a 7-year-old orange tabby who was adopted from the old Shelter
on Cerrillos Road about six years ago. His Shelter name was Woody. He's turned out to be a smallish cat but is big on personality. Confident of his own charm, he is far from shy and always makes himself the center of attention during parties, insinuating himself onto every lap in turn (without waiting to be invited). Hank had a terrible episode with an oral infection and was mauled by a dog just when he was beginning to recover. I thought I was going to lose him but meticulous care has brought him back to his robust, cheerful stinker self. He lords it over my other cats, and wakes me up in the morning by biting my nose. He loves licking cooking oil and his preferred toy is an empty grape stem.”